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Experts in Renewable Energy

Developing innovative and reliable new solutions

Our embedded testing systems, unparalleled materials expertise and product development capabilities make us the perfect partner to collaborate on proprietary renewable innovations.

Our broad materials portfolio offers a range of sustainable thermoplastic and composite materials with outstanding performance on industry-specific properties and a variety of conversion methods such as compression and injection molding, extrusion and custom-casting. In addition, rigorous testing regimes also ensure materials are pre-qualified and reliable, increasing real-world part performance and safety, reducing time to market.

  • Expert technical assistance
  • Bespoke product development capabilities
  • Documented and validated two-phased testing
  • Three-levels of material specification assistance
  • A commitment to sustainable materials and ethical ways of working


Wind Power Generation Turbines

The challenge: Wind farms are rising Worldwide for a clean and better environment friendly Energy supply to compensate rising Energy demands. MCAM is closing working with leading manufacturers to improve the overall efficiency and reliability and to substantially reduce the low maintenance cost for Wind Turbines.


✓ High wear resistance
✓ High temperature resistance
✓ High load bearing capability
✓ Self-Lubrication
✓ Dimensional stability
✓ Low Coefficient of friction
✓ Low weight

Applications: Sliding ring segments in yaw bearings Power transmission sealing rings Wear Pucks in yaw bearings and breaks Bearings cages for giant ball bearings Bearing elements and spacers.


Ertalyte TX
Ketron PEEK


• Fluorosint
Ketron Peek
Ertalyte TX
• Duratron PBI
Techtron HPV PPS




PHOTOVOLTAIC Energy Production Equipment: 
• Crystalline Silicon Cells
• Amosphous silicon panels
• Micromorphous thin film panels

PHOTOVOLTAIC Installations:

• Bushings in solar tracking systems​ 

APPLICATION: • Wafer Holders
• Wet bench liners
• Bath recipients
• Wager Combs
• Grippers
• Tips
• Rolls
• Spray Units
• Sprockets / Guides
• Bushings
• Sliders
• Suction heads