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Raising the bar for Medical and Bioprocessing materials

Selecting the right materials for your medical and bioprocessing applications can be a challenge. It is a complex global market, testing is expensive, and you’ve got strict regulatory, compliance and sterilization requirements. On top of this, you also have supply chain risks, sustainability and even more to consider.

In order to master such complex challenges, the Advanced Materials Division of Mitsubishi Chemical Group (MCG) is the ideal partner by your side. Our comprehensive portfolio of Life Science Grades (LSG) raises the bar again and supports you in meeting your requirements. As they are already pre-assessed for biocompatibility, our LSG high-performance thermoplastic stock shapes are designed to help you meet the stringent demands of these markets. This guide introduces you to the wide range of our innovative LSG polymer solutions and applications that expand your own possibilities. MCG supports you throughout your entire project to help ensure ongoing success. You will find answers to your most frequent questions and will have access to our expert teams who are available to provide additional information and support.

A broad range of thermoplastic materials, pre-assessed for biocompatibility as per USP class VI and ISO 10993



Ketron® LSG PEEK,


Ketron® LSG CA30 PEEK

Sultron® LSG PPSU,

Sultron® LSG FG PPSU