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UHMW-PE wear strips in a water sedimentation tank

Food processing & packaging: A wastewater treatment company needed a highly reliable source for more than 20,000 wear strips for a largescale international project. Their wastewater sedimentation tanks were outfitted with pultruded scrapers that are pulled along the concrete bottom of the tank, removing any sediment that settles there. However, the concrete generated too much friction for the pultruded scrapers, leading to premature wear and ineffective sliding.

The solution: TIVAR ® 1000 UHMW-PE exhibits the optimal combination of performance, cost, and availability for this large-scale wear strip project.

The results: The TIVAR ® 1000 UHMW-PE wear strips hugely improved the sliding behavior of the pultruded scrapers, leading to cleaner tanks. 

Even despite being constantly submerged in wastewater, these UHMW-PE wear strips maintained excellent resistance to wet sliding abrasion and good dimensional stability throughout their service life.



INDUSTRY: Wastewater treatment

APPLICATION: Wear strips in a water sedimentation tank