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Challenges of Hoisting Cranes

Modern cranes are highly specialised pieces of
equipment. From the smaller truck mounted types
to the largest crawler cranes, the principles of lift
using rope sheaves remain a constant but the
applications of that principle vary per individual
application field. While many lift companies exist
and own equipment this segment is experiencing
an increase of rental companies purchasing
equipment and a decrease in owner-operators.
Operators chose to rent as needed in order to
keep costs down. This has a considerable impact
on the equipment: its operating time per year is
much higher than it used to be and the wear and
sliding parts of the machines are subject to harsh


Polymer products of Mitsubishi Chemical
Advanced Materials sold under the Nylatron®,
Ertalon®, TIVAR® and Ertalyte® brand names have
proven to be the right material for the job. From
a wide range of standard and enhanced polymer
products the user can choose the optimum
material for his individual work environment.
Products of Mitsubishi Chemical Advanced
Materials are lightweight and still of high strength,
they are durable and safe and formulated to
maximise performance in the most critical

Customer Benefits

  • High wear and corrosion resistance extend the products’ lifetime
  • Less maintenance effort and longer life in use help saving time and money
  • Products with excellent frictional properties, corrosion resistance and
    self-lubricating properties prevent the mating surfaces from damage and wear
  • Minimum stick-slip behavior
  • Lightweight and reduced noise development
  • Corrosion resistance
  • Increased energy efficiency