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Detectable scraper blades improve part longevity and food safety

We helped a dairy  manufacturer reduce contamination and improve food safety with a wear-resistant, three-way detectable plastic solution for scraper blades,


VMX scraper blades Case Study

We used our engineered solutions expertise to help our customers re-design the food safe scraper blades used in their new dairy processing tanks.

Working closely with both the food manufacturer and the OEM allowed us to fully understand the industry requirements for any new material, as well as how to improve the part design itself.

Together, we identified food safe materials that met the detection levels required by the manufacturer, mitigating costly contamination risks as well as helping the OEM improve their equipment design processes, increasing customer satisfaction and efficiency.

Industry: Food & Pharma, Food Processing

Solution: Development of more reliable scraper blades using detectable food safe materials

Products: VMX (Visual, Metal, X-ray) family of materials

Results: More reliable, highly detectable materials used in scraper blades improved efficiency and food safety